4 tips to reduce #TravelStress

Many of you might think, “what are you talking about, travel stress? Travelling is about taking time off and relaxing”. You are right, but if you’re anything like me, having a limited budget and timeframe for your trip might create a bit of stress and anxiety, particularly if it’s one of your “dream trips” and you want to do everything (but can’t choose!! #FOMO). Continue reading

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#mevoymefui to connect

I’m sitting on the flight home and I can’t help but think back to 10 days ago. I was also sitting on the plane but felt like a little girl again excited to see my parents after 7 months. The last time we were apart for so long was when I lived in NYC and I remember having the same feeling. There comes a time when you live far away from home, that you simply need to spend some time with them. I moved to Barcelona in August to get my master in business administration and even though time has flown by, I couldn’t hide the excitement anymore.

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