Nusa Lembongan: 3 days in paradise

Nusa Lembongan is a small island 30-40 min away from Bali. We had planned 3.5 days there, to chill and relax on the island, but our plans changed. We wanted to return on a Sunday but Saturday evening was full moon and there were religious ceremonies going on. The people on Nusa Lembongan island believe that the next day no boats should go out to sea. Flexibility (and booking with free cancellation) is key. 
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Exploring Temples in Ubud

Ubud is all about peace and love. Not only because it has become an important yoga destination but also because its people are very religious and spiritual. It’s beautiful. There are many temples close to Ubud to soak in the spirituality. If you’re not into this as much, there are also lots of adventurous activities like treks to the volcano or waterfalls. 

No matter your choice of activities, Ubud has a special something that will captivate you and you will not want to leave. 
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