5 Favorite Couple Destinations

After a couple of years of travelling every chance I get, these are my favorite romantic destinations to spend time with your partner ❤
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Saint Barthélemy a.k.a. St. Barths

Nowadays schedules are so hectic and complicated that it makes it almost impossible to agree on a date and location for a family vacation. This is why my mom had the great idea of going somewhere relatively close to Peru and easy to fly to but nothing less of paradise: Saint Barthélemy also known as, St. Barths.

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Hawaii: The north shore of Oahu

The main island of Hawaii is Oahu and was our first stop of the family trip we made in 2013. We spent one night in Honolulu and moved to the north shore the next day where we spent the rest of the week.

The north shore is known for being a surf paradise. The famous beach, pipeline is located on Oahu’s northshore and it’s one of the dream points for any surfer, which meant we would be spending time there (my 2 brothers surf).

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view of lake capri, chalten

Patagonia Argentina: Calafate & Chalten

The Patagonia is a destination that I have always had on my wishlist and finally the opportunity knocked on my door! My boyfriend and I had a wedding in Tandil, south of Buenos Aires and in February: the best time of the year to visit the Patagonia. So we took advantage that we were going to be in Argentina and added a one week visit to Calafate and Chalten.

Before travelling, I read different blogs and forums in order to figure out exactly where to go, I wanted to go everywhere! Ushuaia, Puerto Madryn, Calafate, Chalten, but we had six days and had to choose.

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