Best fusion for curious travelers: Food & Shrines

The first stop of our 10-day Japan trip was Osaka. The only thing we knew about Osaka was that it is known for its amazing street food. If you’re into street food, trust me, you will go crazy in this city. We arrived early morning from Bali and thankfully had found an airbnb that allowed us to check in early. This is an important thing to note, most hotels and even airbnbs don’t allow early check-in. We really enjoyed staying at an airbnb because it helped us feel more local.

Day 1

Our trip officially began that afternoon and we began by walking around Namba, completely in awe. There were millions of different places to eat and of course we didn’t know where to start. Finally we decided to have lunch in Daimaru mall at a restaurant called Ukiya because it accepted credit cards. Here’s another travel tip, plan to have cash, a lot of restaurants don’t accept credit cards and if they do, they don’t always work in Japan.

namba-osaka japan

We tried octopus puffs  (see image above) which were pretty weird and mini pancake sandwiches that could be filled with peanut butter or different options.

After a delicious lunch, we walked over to the Umeda area and went up to the Umeda Sky Building. It was a beautiful view of the city and the building itself has an interesting architecture.

osaka skyline japan

Day 2

Our first stop was Osaka Castle. The castle from the outside is beautiful. If there’s a really long line to go in, I don’t recommend you do it, inside the castle is “ok”. The view from the top floor of the castle is very beautiful.

osaka castle japan

After the castle, we took a train and spent the rest of the day at Nara. It takes about 1 hour to get to Nara from Osaka but I highly recommend the visit! There are 8 temples and shrines in Nara and a beautiful forest that has lots of deers that are very comfortable around tourists. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


We really liked Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Shrine.

We returned to Osaka for dinner and had one of the best dinners of the whole trip. We went to Fukutaro to have Negiyaki and Okonomiyaki. AMAZING!!

We were only able to spend 1 day in Osaka and 1 day in Nara but I’m sure Osaka has much more to offer. It’s a very cosmopolitan city.

Travel Tips:

Where to stay: airbnb


  • Street food!!
  • Ukiya
  • Fukutaro


  • Umeda Sky Building
  • Osaka Castle
  • Nara’s shrines and temples

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