Beach hopping in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is surfer’s paradise. There are surfing points everywhere but it also has beautiful beaches. The geography is stunning because it’s full of cliffs and all green with jungle. To go to the beach you have to walk down (and then up) lots of stairs. Sometimes you will meet monkeys along the way (watch out, those little buggers will try to steal your things). 

Day 1
We arrived to Sanur port from Nusa Lembongan and our transport was waiting for us. Thankfully we had arranged transportation because that day there was a religious festivity and if not it would have been extremely hard to get a taxi. Traffic was intense. The sunset is THE thing to see in Uluwatu so traffic becomes very intense. Eventually we made it to Uluwatu. By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already night so we had dinner at a nice italian restaurant that was in the hotel called Trattoria Uluwatu. 

Day 2

We rented scooters for 2 days (it was cheaper to rent for 2 days than 1, which was perfect). We had a really good brunch at The Mango Tree Cafe.

After that, we set out southeast and drove to Green Bowl beach and had the best beach day ever. This beach has been one of our favorites of the whole trip. It’s beautiful. At the end of the beach there’s a cave so you can lay in the shade (the sun is really strong) and relax all day. 

Green Bowl Beach

An important detail that applies for all of the Uluwatu area is that the tide change is very important. Around 13:30 every day low tide kicked in and most beaches did not have water anymore because it went so far back that you had lots of coral and rocks left. 
That’s why when we went to Melasti beach around 4pm, we weren’t able to stay.

Melasti Beach

After that we went to watch the sunset at Single Fin bar. The bar was packed, the music was amazing and it has a great view for the sunset. If you want to get a table or a good sunset spot, I suggest you go very early. We didn’t get a good sunset spot but we bought a couple of beers and enjoyed the atmosphere. 

After that we had dinner at OM burger. We really liked this concept. It’s the first time that we had burgers and felt healthy about it. They don’t have french fries and the burger (chicken, meat ot veggie) comes with a salad as part of the sandwich. 

Day 3

We took our scooter north this time, to Balangan beach. Before we began our day, we had the best brunch at Bukit Cafe. With a full belly we made it to Balangan beach and spent a couple of hours chilling. The beach was nice, but it didn’t really have shade unless you rent out umbrellas from the hotels so eventually we got tired of the sun and decided to move to Bingin beach.

Balangan Beach

Bingin beach has a lot of hostels and restaurants along the beach but it’s not excessive and actually gave the beach a nice ambience. We spent all afternoon here and even though the low tide kicked in, it still has a bit of water left for you to enjoy during the sunset.

Bingin Beach

Our beach days at Uluwatu were spectacular. Even though there is more people than in Nusa Lembongan and the traffic can get a bit heavy, the atmosphere is fun and the beaches are beautiful. 

Travel Tips


  • Pink Coco Bali: location was great and the room was ok for the price we paid. We had one night in one of the rooms by the pool that we did not like at all and a second room in the back, looked like a new part of the hotel that much better. Overall this hotel was ok but I would imagine there are better options. 

Restaurants / Bars

  • Bukit Cafe
  • Mango Tree Cafe
  • Trattoria Uluwatu (we only tried the pizzas and they were good)
  • Single Fin bar
  • OM Burger


  • Green bowl beach
  • Melasti Beach
  • Bingin Beach
  • Balangan beach

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