Cala Santa Maria @ Arcipelago di la Maddalena

7 Reasons you’ll fall in love with Sardegna

Sardegna in Italian, Cerdeña in Spanish and Sardinia in English. No matter how you call this island you will fall in love, and here’s why:

1- It’s the second largest island in the mediterranean, so it does not feel crowded at all! There’s space and beaches to go around if you explore the island.

2- It has amazing natural beauty and lots of national parks to visit like: Arcipelago de di la Maddalena, Gennargentu National Park, Asinara National Park and Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte.

Gennargentu National Park Sardegna

Gennargentu National Park Sardegna

3- It has a wide variety of beautiful beaches. White sand, pink sand, white rocks, etc.

4- Their mystery flag of the four moors. There are only myths and stories about what the four moors represent and the flag was changed a bit in 1999 so you’ll see the different versions around the island, it’s everywhere!

5- The food. The food. The food. Seafood Sardinia Alghero

6- The color of the sea is unique and will constantly captivate you.

Cala Mariolu golfo di orosei sardegna

Cala Mariolu @ Golfo di Orosei

7- It’s a great place for a roadtrip. The landscapes are breathtaking and the distances are not too long, our longest drive was of 2 hours.

Gennargentu National Park

Gennargentu National Park


I will be posting soon about our roadtrip with more details and tips!


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