Travel back to medieval times in Rhodes, Greece

As you approach the dock the first thing you see is the castle walls. Inside the walls you will find Rhode’s old town, today a World Heritage Site. This was just the beginning of 2 wonderful days (that should be at least 4 if you can!).

Rhodes Old Town Walls

Rhodes Old Town Walls

We walked from the new port to the old town curious about this island and wondering how our little hotel would be. As you walk through the narrow cobbled streets you really feel like you have gone back in time and if your luggage has wheels, going back in time is not an easy task (trust me, I kept tripping with my carry on).

Rhodes old town streets

Rhodes old town streets

We stayed in a small hotel called Petrino. The rooms were decorated like back in medieval times and fit in naturally in the old town. Panos, the hotel owner, was really nice and was available to help and give excellent recommendations. The little hotel might be a bit pricier because it’s inside the walls of the old town, but it’s worth it if you want to live the experience (unless you’re planning to rent a car).

As you can imagine, we were very intrigued by Rhodes so we asked Panos for his recommendation on how to spend our time wisely and we followed his advice:

Day 1:

  • We arrived in Rhodes and after we had settled in the hotel, it was about 2pm, so we had only half a day left.
  • We decided to go to Lindos by bus. The bus station was walking distance from our hotel but the buses take more time than if rent a car. They stop a lot. We made it to Lindos about 1.5 hours later.
  • Lindos is famous because the town is right below the acropolis, the town itself is very cute and it has very nice beaches.
  • We went straight to St. Paul’s bay. I had seen a picture of this beach on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to see it. It was good that we arrived late in the day because the beach itself is very small, and it was full of people but it’s beautiful and very much worth the visit.
  • We didn’t walk up the acropolis because it was very hot that day so we decided to walk around the little town’s streets in the shade.
Lindos Town in Rhodes

Lindos Town in Rhodes

St Paul bay Lindos Rhodes

St. Paul bay in Lindos

Day 2:

  • Our initial intention was to look for a secluded, paradise beach but we were brought back to reality by Panos who told us that those beaches are on the other side of the island, about 120km away. We didn’t have a car and we didn’t want to spend the whole day travelling because we also wanted to walk around Rhodes town so we decided to go to the beach there.
  • Panos recommended we go to Eli Paralia beach. We had no expectations because the beach is literally in the center of the town, we expected an extremely busy beach. We walked to the beach and the first thing we saw were thousands of umbrellas, beach beds and people. Exactly what we thought. Except, we kept walking and decided to make it to the peninsula. When we arrived, we found what we were looking for. A beautiful beach, crystal clear water and hardly any people.
Eli Paralia beach, Rhodes

Eli Paralia beach, Rhodes.

We still don’t know exactly why nobody was there. Our guess, because it’s a rocky beach so they all wanted beach beds. Lucky us!

  • We had a late lunch at Koukos, recommended by Panos. Excellent greek seafood.
  • Spent the afternoon walking around the old town.

The next morning we left on the early flight to Athens with a smile on our faces because we had the chance to get a taste of Rhodes. I hope we can come back someday!

Travel Tips

Hotel: Petrino


  • Koukous – located in the new town. Great for greek seafood.
  • Pizanias – cute italian restaurant in the old town.
  • Romio’s – Panos recommended this restaurant by we weren’t able to go.


  • St. Paul’s bay
  • Eli Paralia beach

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