Costa Brava Roadtrip

Almost 1 year ago I arrived in Spain and almost immediately I escaped to explore the Costa Brava beaches with a group of friends. We rented an airbnb in Albons, which is not next to the beach, but as you have to rent a car anyway, it was not a problem at all. It was nice because at night it was chilly so after spending all day in the sun, it was a nice change of weather.

We visited the following beaches:

  1. Montgol: it was a big beach compared to the “Calas”. We spend the afternoon there and it was very chill and not as crowded.
  2. Aiguablava: is very well-known and it is because it is gorgeous. It’s a small cala surrounded by trees. There is a trail that takes you to another beach next to it that’s also really nice. If you go in July-August, be prepared to share your towel with your neighbors because it gets really packed.
  3. Tossa de Mar: is the largest beach we went to, so it’s spacious and doesn’t feel as crowded. Another plus, it has a castle by the sea!

My only tips to visit the Costa Brava are: ready to share the beach with a lot of people, if you can, take your umbrella because there aren’t any to rent, pack a nice picnic and go with a fun crew ready to spend the day enjoying the wonderful sea!



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