Ses illetes Formentera Beach

3 Days in Ibiza and Formentera

Ibiza is synonym of party, at least it was to me. Then I discovered that there are amazing beaches in Ibiza, so why not balance both?

If you plan to go to Ibiza for a weekend escape, these are my recommendations to make the most of both plans. We flew out Friday night, you can even make it to a party if you have the energy.

  1. Saturday: Party day. Go to a beach nearby and pregame at the beach before you go party at Ushuaia (drinks are extremely expensive inside). You can go to another club after that because Ushuaia is done around midnight.
  2. Sunday: Spend the day at Formentera, we went to Platja ses Illetes, it’s simply gorgeous. Buy some snacks and beers and spend the day there. When you get tired of the sun, go have drinks at Beso Beach. I recommend you take the last ferry back to Ibiza, we got to see the most amazing sunset on the way back.
  3. Monday: rent a car or scooter and go explore the beaches. The beaches on the north west corner of the island are beautiful. We went to Cala Comte and even though it was packed, we still in awe with how beautiful the beach is. Finish the day at the airport wishing that you could stay in Ibiza forever.

Ibiza is a great island to go with a group of friends because there is so much to do for everyone that it’s more fun to share it with more people.


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