4 tips to reduce #TravelStress

Many of you might think, “what are you talking about, travel stress? Travelling is about taking time off and relaxing”. You are right, but if you’re anything like me, having a limited budget and timeframe for your trip might create a bit of stress and anxiety, particularly if it’s one of your “dream trips” and you want to do everything (but can’t choose!! #FOMO). This year I have been lucky enough to have more than one of those trips and I have a few tips to reduce the anxiety and plan your dream trip:

  1. You will NOT be able to do everything.
    Accept it, embrace it and love it. 
    To me, it’s about having an excuse to return! Let’s get real, we do have a limited budget and limited days for our trips, and if you try to push everything into one trip, you will spend most of your trip on airplanes, cars, buses and trains but not at the destinations. You will be so tired that by the end of the trip you will need another vacation to recover your energy.So, my recommendation, choose wisely and explore as much as you can but don’t squeeze everything in, it’s not about the checklist, it’s about the experience and your memories.
  2. Plan ahead.
    Lately I have been asking people who have been to the places I’m going, reading blogs and basically doing a lot of research. This will help you optimize your time because you will be able to be more efficient about travel times, choosing flights that are early morning or late night that will give you an extra day at your destination and it will help you know if you are giving the destination enough days to experience it.
  3. Make it YOUR trip.
    To me, this is the most important thing to remember. Everyone you talk to will want to give you tips and ideas, which is great to get a big picture on what you can do and see. Remember to filter the options and cater to yourself. Travelling somewhere because others think it’s a “must-see” is not the way to go. Choose your destinations and activities, this will help you plan your trip with more ease and less anxiety because you are not struggling to fit everything in.
  4. Enjoy! Live the moment.

If these don’t work, take a deep breathe and do yoga 🙂


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