Getting to know Mykonos in only 2 days

To be honest, I did not have much expectations regarding Mykonos. Probably because when I researched the best beaches in Greece, none of the beaches on “the lists” were in Mykonos. I had heard more about the party side of the island.
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Costa Brava Roadtrip

Almost 1 year ago I arrived in Spain and almost immediately I escaped to explore the Costa Brava beaches with a group of friends. We rented an airbnb in Albons, which is not next to the beach, but as you have to rent a car anyway, it was not a problem at all. It was nice because at night it was chilly so after spending all day in the sun, it was a nice change of weather.
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4 tips to reduce #TravelStress

Many of you might think, “what are you talking about, travel stress? Travelling is about taking time off and relaxing”. You are right, but if you’re anything like me, having a limited budget and timeframe for your trip might create a bit of stress and anxiety, particularly if it’s one of your “dream trips” and you want to do everything (but can’t choose!! #FOMO). Continue reading