The city of canals, bars, restaurants, museums, tulips and more. One thing that I love about this city is that it can be very cosmopolite but in a small scale, so you have lots of things to do (museums, parks, concerts, bars, etc) but it’s all close by.

Amsterdam Travel

If it’s your first time in Amsterdam and only have a few days,  if you like art, I highly recommend visiting the Van Gogh Museum. The art pieces there are not the usual well-known works of Van Gogh (there are some of the famous paintings as well), but you can see his evolution as an artist and learn more about his life through his art and his technique. I really enjoyed the museum, buy your ticket online if you know when you are going because it’s a very busy museum.

Amsterdam Canal Birds

Amsterdam is known to be a rainy city, fortunately, on both trips the weather was pretty nice. It rained only one day, so we decided to make the most of being outdoors and leave other museums for anther trip. A really nice area to walk around in is the 9 Straatjes area. There are lots of cute local designer stores and places to have coffee or lunch. If the day is nice, another really nice area to walk around is Vondelpark.

Amsterdam Sunset Canals

If you go around April – May, be sure to spend a morning or afternoon at Keukenhof, it’s a beautiful park and botanical garden where you can see the famous Tulips! As a fun fact, Tulips where brought from Pakistan and India and as they were able to survive the harsh weather, they became a luxury item as they were very different from other flowers seen in Europe. Plan to spend a couple of hours there so you can really enjoy the park. You can even rent bikes and visit the flowerfields. I did not have time to do that, but I’m sure it’s beautiful.

If you are around December, check out the dates of the Amsterdam Light Festival. The have different sculptures illuminated in the canals and you can walk around and discover new sculptures. You don’t need to take a tour, you can just find them as you walk, it’s fun.

Festival of Lights Amsterdam

Amsterdam Light Festival

Travel Tips

  • If you are staying around the Vondelpark area, I recommend you take the bus fom the airport 197 instead of the train. It will drop you off much closer to your hotel.
  • Watch out for the bikes!! Remember to look ALL ways, bikes will pass by really fast!
  • Watch out for the Tram!! I don’t know how, but they appear out of nowhere!



  • TEDS for Brunch
  • Brasserie Keyzer: had a really good hamburger
  • Frenzi
  • Da Portare Via

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