The city of canals, bars, restaurants, museums, tulips and more. One thing that I love about this city is that it can be very cosmopolite but in a small scale, so you have lots of things to do (museums, parks, concerts, bars, etc) but it’s all close by.
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In love with St Petersburg

While I plan my trips, I always do some research to learn more about the destination and to plan accordingly. This time was different. Even though St. Petersburg was on the top of my travel bucket list, I had exams, my best friend visiting from Peru and luckily for me, my mom had already planned the trip. The days flew by and suddenly I was on the plane on my way to St. Petersburg. It felt a bit contradictory to me that I knew nothing about the city that I had wanted to visit for so long. In retrospective, I can say that it was better like that, no expectations.
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hermitage museum

#mevoymefui to connect

I’m sitting on the flight home and I can’t help but think back to 10 days ago. I was also sitting on the plane but felt like a little girl again excited to see my parents after 7 months. The last time we were apart for so long was when I lived in NYC and I remember having the same feeling. There comes a time when you live far away from home, that you simply need to spend some time with them. I moved to Barcelona in August to get my master in business administration and even though time has flown by, I couldn’t hide the excitement anymore.

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