Three days in Berlin

It’s not hard for Berlin to become your favorite city because It has so much to offer for everyone: history, culture, restaurants, bars, nightlife, art, etc. My first advice is to research what is going on before you go so that you can take advantage of art exhibitions, concerts, parties, and all sorts of different activities. If you know someone who lives there or that can give you tips, even better! We were lucky enough to have a friend who gave us amazing tips and thanks to him our trip to Berlin exceeded our expectations.

We had 3 days, which normally for a city like Berlin, can fall short, but renting bikes to visit the sights will help with the time constraint. It’s incredible, if you google map something: walking, bus and/or metro, all seem to take 20 min or more, but on a bike, the time is cut to half!

We began day 1 biking around the Tiergarten where we saw the Victory Column and had a really nice late lunch at Café am neuen See which is located in a quiet spot within the park.

Later we biked to Alexanderplatz. On our way we passed by the Branderburg Gate and a cute Christmas market at Alexanderplatz (click here for my post on Christmas markets).

That night was a Saturday, and my friend had told us about a couple of parties we could go to. We were warned that it is really hard to get in, they were for locals, but I guess this time, we were lucky and we were in! It was an amazing 90’s party that happens once a month. The music was excellent; we had a blast. Make sure to research what is going on, concerts, shows, etc.

On Day 2, we biked to a very cool hipster place that is kind of hidden on top of a mall in the area of Neukölln called Klunkerkranich.

Klunkerkranich Berlin hipster


After that, we biked over to East Berlin to see the Berlin wall.

We finished the day at the Cathedral. At the top of the Cathedral you can see all of the city and at night it looks beautiful.

View of Berlin from the Cathedral

View of Berlin from the Cathedral

That night we wanted to go to a burger place that my friend had recommended but when we got there it was closed, so we ended up having the best Shawarma ever in a small little place we found and then went to a bar called Nathanja & Heinrich where we had the best craft beer of the trip, both in the area of Neukölln. (Click here for location)

On day 3 we decided to walk, you get a different perspective walking versus biking around a city, both are great which is why we decided to walk our last day. We started off at Potsdamer Platz because we had seen a huge winter slide and went to slide down with tires. It was super fun!

Snow Slide Berlin

After this, we went to see the Jewish Memorial, the memorial itself is free and always open but there is an underground museum that is closed on Mondays. Later we walked over to the Reichstag and around the Cathedral and Branderburg Gate again to see them with daylight. In the winter, at least in December, around 4-4:30pm it was night so if you want to see things with the sun, you have to start early!

Our last night, we went for dinner to Shiso Burger, an incredible burger-Asian fusion. We finally had our burgers!

Travel Tips

Where to Stay:

  • Mövenpick Hotel: it is well located, walking distance from most attractions and rent bikes.
  • Three Little Pigs hostel: it’s a more budget option, very near the Mövenpick, our friends stayed there and said it was great.



2 thoughts on “Three days in Berlin

    • mevoymefui says:

      We were lucky, the weather was really nice for December because it does get cold. I want to go back in summer as well, we were told the city has a completely different vibe and the beer gardens are packed!

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