Weekend getaway: Portugal

Culture, beach, party, incredible palaces and architecture, food, Portugal has it. If you are planning a eurotrip or are living in Europe, I highly recommend you visit this country, you will have no regrets.

We were a group of 9 people, a long weekend due to holidays, and a lot of energy to visit somewhere new. We started our trip with Porto. As you can see from the images below, Porto (or Oporto in English) is a beautiful town. It’s perfect to walk around and get lost in its little streets. The Duoro river gives it a special vibe as well and there are restaurants and wineries by the river, perfect to spend a sunny afternoon, which is exactly what we did the first day.

Across the river, Gaia is another town, but this is where all the Porto wineries are located overlooking Porto. This is a must if you visit Porto, they give you a tour to see how the wine is made and then you can taste the wine.

If the weather is nice, the beach is really close. Even though it was December, the weather was great so we took the tram to the beach, walked around and enjoyed lunch by the ocean. We went to Praia da Luz which was beautiful and the restaurant with the same name, had good food and wine for us to spend the afternoon.

Praia Da Luz restaurant Porto

Praia Da Luz restaurant Porto

That night we flew in to Lisbon, if you have few days like we did, I highly recommend taking a flight because they are really cheap and it’s less than an hour. We rented an airbnb in Bairro Alto, which is a really cool area. There are lots of restaurants, bars, it is very centrally located. We went out that night to party and it was very fun because there are streets with lots of really small bars and people order their drinks “to go” and drink on the street. Around 4am everyone moves on to clubs.

Lisbon Party Street

Lisbon Party Street

The next day we did some sightseeing. A friend recommended we take a tuc tuc around town and it turned out to be a great recommendation. If you are tight on time, you can see the city in a day and learn about Portugal’s rich history.

National Pantheon Lisbon

National Pantheon Lisbon



Our last day we rented a car and went to Sintra and Cascais. They are only about 30-40 min away in car and if you take a car, you can go to both. If you take the train you have to choose because you have to go back to Lisbon, they are not connected. The castle in Sintra is a must-see. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I can only say, I want to get to know Portugal even better.

Pena National Palace Portugal

Pena National Palace

Palace view

Pena National Palace Sintra Portugal

Pena National Palace Sintra



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