Overnight Trip from Barcelona: Cadaques

Barcelona is a city with so much to offer that it’s easy to overlook beautiful towns and destinations that are only a couple of hours away. If you are living here it might be easier to plan day trips or weekend getaways, which is exactly what we did!

One of our first MBA weekends had a holiday so we took the opportunity to explore the towns north. We left Saturday morning, drove 2 hours north of Barcelona to Cadaques.

Cadaques is a beautiful fishing town which Salvador Dali visited often and later had a home in a small town nearby. Very close to Cadauqes is the national park Cap de Creus, which we were excited to visit because we had read that there were amazing beaches and sites to see.

We went straight to Cap de Creus looking for the paradise beaches I had read about and discovered that to get to those beaches there’s a 40 minute trek. We were not prepared for a trek and did not have enough time, so decided to visit the lighthouse, famous for the amazing view, which holds completely true!

View from Cadaques Lighthouse

View from Cadaques Lighthouse

After the drive around Cap de Creus we went to a small beach between Cadaques and Cap de Creus. It was a small, low key, rocky beach, perfect to spend the afternoon.

beach cadaques

We wanted to stay in a hotel in Cadaques, but because it was a long weekend, we could not find available rooms, I highly recommend that you book your hotels with time, especially if you are travelling in high season. We ended up staying in Roses, very near Cadaques, but if you plan ahead you can stay in Cadaques which had a couple of nice options. We had dinner in Cadaques and walked around town before we left.


The next day we went to L’Escala. I highly recommend this town! It is very beautiful and has very beautiful sandy beaches right next to ancient ruins, so you can mix culture/ history and beaches. The beaches are connected by a boardwalk so you can easily walk around the different beaches. We spent the day at the beach and walked around town in the afternoon and had lunch in one of the restaurants overlooking the sea. L’escala is known for it’s anchovies so make sure you try them, they are really good!


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