Saint Barthélemy a.k.a. St. Barths

Nowadays schedules are so hectic and complicated that it makes it almost impossible to agree on a date and location for a family vacation. This is why my mom had the great idea of going somewhere relatively close to Peru and easy to fly to but nothing less of paradise: Saint Barthélemy also known as, St. Barths.

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Sunset Paracas, Peru

Paracas – Peru

Paracas is one of my favorite places in Peru. There are lots of amazing places to visit over the country but to me, the geography of desert and sea that Paracas has is unique.

This destination is only about 4 hours away from Lima (depending on traffic) in car and it’s a perfect place to escape if you only have a long weekend and want to relax. The sea breeze, the wind (it’s very windy) and the low urban density let you really disconnect from everyday life and take it slow.

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