Hawaii: The north shore of Oahu

The main island of Hawaii is Oahu and was our first stop of the family trip we made in 2013. We spent one night in Honolulu and moved to the north shore the next day where we spent the rest of the week.

The north shore is known for being a surf paradise. The famous beach, pipeline is located on Oahu’s northshore and it’s one of the dream points for any surfer, which meant we would be spending time there (my 2 brothers surf).

Most of the beaches on Oahu’s north shore have amazing waves for those who want to explore this sport but it’s not only a paradise for surfers, it’s also perfect for those of us that want to relax and chill out at the beach. This is because there is only one hotel in the area, the rest are houses. So it’s a small town and it usually is pretty laid back unless there is a big swell that brings surfers and camera crews to the area.

If you don’t want to stay on the northshore, it is possible to do day trips from Honolulu, it’s around 2 hours away depending on the traffic and there is public transportation that can take you there if you didn’t rent a car.

Pipeline Beach @Oahu

Pipeline wave

We stayed at a house on Sunset beach which was really cozy and warm. The temperature of the water is perfect, not too cold, not too hot and the sand is thick and kind of red so it doesn’t stick to you and the contrast of the color of the sand and the sea is something that I had never seen before.

Sunset Beach Oahu

Sunset Beach Oahu

There is only one supermarket and a couple of small store son the North shore, this is another reason why it’s so perfect to rest, there isn’t much movement. If you want a bit more activity, there is a small town called Haleiwa nearby and you can find a couple of nice restaurants and stores to do a bit of shopping.

Something I love to do when I’m travelling is to find a way to feel “at home” and as if I live there. I found a track behind the houses to run and went for morning runs every day. My morning routine was going for a run, coming back to take a quick dive in the ocean and then having breakfast with my family. I couldn’t ask for more.

For those of you that have never travelled with surfers, it’s not an easy task. It’s not enough that there has to be a swell while you are there so that there are waves, they have to be a certain size, there has to be a certain amount of people at the point, the wind has to be perfect, etc. So before choosing a beach to spend the morning or the afternoon, we had to stop at several beaches to check out the situation and after that, probably choose the first beach we went to (haha!). I had fun with the situation and while my brothers looked for the perfect wave, I looked for Jack Johnson in hopes that I could spot him around the area (he is one of my favorite musicians), if not, a book is a really good companion as well.


Useful information:


  • Pipeline
  • Waimea
  • Sunset
  • Anini
  • Poipu – located on the south shore



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