Hanalei Beach North Shore Kauai

Kauai – the island worth exploring

If you go to Hawaii, Kauai is a must. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have been to. It’s the greenest island of the three I visited and you are in constant contact with nature. The rooster is the official Kauai animal and it’s everywhere! It’s running around the airport and you will find roosters in the backyard of houses and on the streets wandering about.

We stayed in a small town called Hanalei Bay, north shore of the island. It’s a small surfer town that has a few bars and restaurants but the night life ends early so that people are catching waves early in the morning. The beach of Hanalei is pretty but quick drive from there are amazing beaches. My favorite was Anini, it’s just passing Princeville.

Anini beach North Shore Kauai

We spent the day there, my brothers surfed, it was a great day. The beach has a reef so the waves for surfing are far away from the shore and one can spend hours in the water. I even found sea turtles swimming around!

Another day we went to a beach near Hanalei but north called Lumahai Beach. It’s another spectacular beach and on the way back you can stop to visit Kee Beach which is also beautiful. The one thing that we couldn’t do because it was “Winter” (which doesn’t really feel like Winter) was the catamaran ride up the Napali Coast. I’ve read it’s amazing.

The town of Hanalei is small but has just what it needs: restaurants, a couple of bars and cute stores. We went to a Mexican restaurant that was good and a small reggae bar but everything closes at 10pm.

On our last day we decided to explore another side of the island so we went in the direction of Poipu, down south. We never made it to Poipu because on the way we discovered a cute little beach offroad and stayed there. We never found out what the beach was called.


Useful Tips:

  • Stay at least 3-4 days, it’s the best island!
  • Hanalei bay doesn’t have small hotels but you can rent a house with a group and it gives you a more “local” experience.
  • Rent a car to explore the island of Kauai.

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