Unplug. Relax. Escape to Zorritos, Peru

Every so often works and life consumes us. We forget about enjoying every day and simply go on auto pilot. This is why I chose to take 2 days off and escape. My boyfriend (Bruce) and I decided to head up north of Peru, to the department of Tumbes. There is a beach called Zorritos that is far away from any city or town and would give us exactly what we needed, a break.

View from Hotel Costa Azul Mango

For those that love the beach like I do, Zorritos is an excelent choice because it’s only 40 min from the airport so if you have only a few days, you don’t waste time going back and forth. Also the flight schedules are great because you can leave late at night or early in the morning which also lets you enjoy the whole day.

Tumbes is really quiet and laid back. There are few hotels and the town is really small. Four days here was perfect because we turned off cell phones and forgot about work, traffic and running around the city. February is a nice month to go because it’s low season, I read that in March there are a lot more tourists in the area. The weather was good because even though it’s really hot, it’s rainy season so it helps bring the heat down.

The most well-known hotel chain in the area is the “Costa Azul”. It has several options for different budget and tastes. We staid at the “Hotel Costa Azul Mango” and I recommend it. The service was good, people where nice and attentive and it’s a little further away from the other hotels so there are less people at the beach.

hotel costa azul mango, zorritoz, peru

If you travel in a couple, I reccomend the cheapest room because the one we got was very cozy. The last day we paid for the late check out and the room they gave us to change was bigger but it wasn’t as nice as the one we stayed in, we didn’t like it at all. Another tip is to ask for a room that is not on the first floor because on the first floor the rooms are extremely close to the pool and it’s a family hotel so the kids play in the pool and it can be very loud.

The restaurant is called Bilbao and it’s really good. My favorite dishes were the cebiche and arroz con mariscos. Although one night Bruce orderd the mero con arroz marino which was excellent!

Another option that we weren’t able to visit is the hotel Casa Andina that is located in Bocapan, just passing Zorritos. We tried to go but the hotel was full so we weren’t able to pay for a full day to spend the day there and the restaurant is nos open to people that are not staying at the hotel so we couldn’t go for dinner either.

beach zorritos tumbes peru

We spent four incredible days of laying on the beach, eating and reading. Just resting.

Useful Tips:

  • Restaurant: Bilbao
  • Hotel: Costa Azul Mango
  • Airline: LAN Peru

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