Hanalei Beach North Shore Kauai

Kauai – the island worth exploring

If you go to Hawaii, Kauai is a must. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have been to. It’s the greenest island of the three I visited and you are in constant contact with nature. The rooster is the official Kauai animal and it’s everywhere! It’s running around the airport and you will find roosters in the backyard of houses and on the streets wandering about.

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Unplug. Relax. Escape to Zorritos, Peru

Every so often works and life consumes us. We forget about enjoying every day and simply go on auto pilot. This is why I chose to take 2 days off and escape. My boyfriend (Bruce) and I decided to head up north of Peru, to the department of Tumbes. There is a beach called Zorritos that is far away from any city or town and would give us exactly what we needed, a break.

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